Waist Alterations


Now Offering Waist Resizing!

Indigo Proof’s tailoring team can handle just about any fit issue you’ve got— whether your pants are too tight or too loose we can do a waist expansion that gives you more room in the waist and hip, or a waist reduction/resize to take in your jeans if they’re too big. We recommend no more than a maximum of 3” in or out, anything more than that can potentially be done but will be addressed on an individual basis.

Since this service is so specialized and depends a lot on your personal needs, send me an email to get started. We work in flat measurements, so when emailing provide the current flat waist measurement, and your desired flat measurement. Also let us know any other specific preferences or desired add-ons such as tapering to your tailoring service. We always match stitch length and color to the best of our ability, and can work on pretty much any type of jeans - from stretch to heavyweight raw denim.

Waist alterations are $120 for denim under 20oz, and $145 for denim 20oz and up, plus shipping. Turnaround is usually about 2 weeks, and will be specified when you email.