Let me first start out by thanking you for your amazing and unwavering support for what I do! I get to repair jeans every day for my job, and I think that’s pretty amazing. I am personally able to save hundreds of jeans a year from landfills by keeping them on your body, and have become a part of your denim’s story because you made the radical choice to repair, not replace.

This has been a crazy year of growth for my business! I started off the year moving into a beautiful new work space, opened to the public for local walk-in business, and last month was the recommended denim repair service in the print magazine Real Simple (who’d have thought??) I am now a bit overwhelmed by the amount of jeans I have in for repair, and the turnaround times are getting far too long. I want to be able to get your jeans back to you faster, while still giving you the same quality you and your jeans deserve. I also want to be able to offer you more quality services for your denim.

Chainstitch Hemming and Gift Certificates will still be available during this time, and I’ll be adding the highly anticipated Taper service to the shop as well! For my Portland customers, and those who are planning on visiting this fall/winter- I’ll still be accepting local and walk-in repairs and alterations as usual.

I will have some exciting new things to unveil in January! And I’m defintiely not going anywhere - I’ll be posting as usual and sharing everything with you guys. I’m really excited work on new services and products for you!

Make sure you’re on my email list if you’re holding off on repair until January- I’ll send a code to pre-order before repairs open again so you can get first dibs on service and a super fast turnaround!